PICC (peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) Line is the safest, nearly painless and most cost effective IV catheter your patient can get. It is done at the bedside under strict aseptic technique and most importantly under ultrasound needle guided technology and performed by a credentialed experienced PICC line specialist.

Our collaborative relationship with a mobile x-ray company allows the clinician to view the Chest X-ray image immediately after placement and makes the risk of complications a thing of the past. Patients will experience minimal pain during insertion thus helping increase facility survey ratings. A PICC line may be kept for an average time of 6 months and maybe used for all IV therapies including blood draws. The cost of using Interventional Radiology at hospitals or the transfer of patients from a Nursing Rehab facility to Hospital for the procedure can be very costly making the bedside approach the best choice for both the patient and the facility.


The ability to obtain intravenous (IV) access is an essential skill in medicine and is performed in a variety of settings by our experienced Vascular Access Consultants. Although the procedure can appear deceptively simple, it is in fact a difficult skill which requires considerable practice to perfect.

By starting a peripheral IV, you gain access to the peripheral circulation of a patient, which will enable you to sample blood as well as infuse fluids and IV medications. IV access is essential to manage problems in all critically ill patients. All critically ill patients require IV access in anticipation of future potential problems, when fluid and/or medication resuscitation may be necessary. Piccs by Vic has performed hundreds of these procedures and we have a 100% success rate with the use of Ultra Sound Guided Technology.


Just like its counterpart the Midline catheter is done under the same guidelines and standards of a PICC Line. A Mid line is much shorter than a PICC and its’ tip resides in the Axillary vein thus excluding the need of a chest x-ray. It is for that patient who doesn’t require a PICC line but whose veins can’t hold a short peripheral catheter. It is good to use for up to 4 weeks and in some cases a little longer making the Midline catheter a very popular catheter in the Nursing and Rehab facilities.


Piccs by Vic follows INS, AVA, CDC and the Texas Board of Nurses guidelines and standards of practice in regards to IV therapy. It is our goal to inform and educate our clients of all current and new standards to best take care our patients. We have a unique customized IV therapy course tailored to each individual facility based on their educational needs. Example: (PICC Care and Maintenance, TPN administration, etc.) Each course participant is given a prestigious Certificate of completion and the conclusion of the class.